Ratih Arruum Listiyandini

Ratih is a Clinical Psychologist from Indonesia who’s currently being PhD Student in UNSW Psychology. She’s now conducting research on Indonesian digital mindfulness program and working under the supervision of Associate Professor Jill Newby. In Indonesia, Ratih is working as a lecturer and researcher at the YARSI University, Jakarta. She also actively involves on the programs that aim to foster and cultivate empowerment among women and youth in her community. In terms of gender equality, she believes that women and men should have equal access and opportunity for bringing the best of their potential and making meaningful contribution for the science as well as society. This belief encourages her to pursue research higher degree in overseas, flying thousand of kilometers from her home country to Sydney. With valuable support and funding from Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) Scholarship, she believes that she would create meaningful experience during her study in Australia to give back for her country