Professor Barbara Gillam

Professor Gillam is Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales and has an international reputation in the field of visual perception. Recognition of her research includes the awarding of a Guggenheim Fellowship in the USA, a Professorial Fellowship from the ARC (2002-2007), and the 2010 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Australian Psychological Society. In 2002 UNSW awarded her a Scientia Professorship. She was on the Basic Behavioral Processes Panel of the National Institute of Mental Health in the USA and has been a member of the Social Sciences Panel and the Cognitive Sciences Priority Panel of the Australian Research Council. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia, The Association of Psychological Science (USA) and the Australian Psychological Society.

"I think it is important to be certain that workplace choices are based on relevant criteria and not gender. I have had tenured positions in the UK the US and Australia and have been Head of Department in the last two countries. I was too junior in the UK. I do not think gender was a factor in the appointments or headships but one can never be sure. I was hired to be Head at UNSW from an overseas position."